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sorry guys!
I guess I'm still pretty absent ^^'
Lately I spend a lot of my freetime hunting for Pokemon in the city. While I suck at catching legendaries it is pretty fun to meet new people each day~

Sadly I often forget to check dA these days... but I hang around Twitter a lot now!
So if you want to talk or need me for something please visit me on twitter ->
Arrow left
(Especially if you interestet in my Kamen Rider stuff xD )

Lastly please don't worry I'm not completely gone from dA! But I might answer very slow or miss things. :(
  • Drinking: Coffee!


Alright I'm officially a lazy ass again! 8D
just needed to be said lol
I have a twitter account now!
I'm not sure how to use Twitter yet (or for what) but feel free to visit~
You can find me here:
Since I didn't make any random cosplay status lately...

Take this random wip pics of stuff I made!

embedded_item1494278046684 by Twai
Let me rant for a second about my freaking habits...

My costume has certain inperfections and parts that easily break.
- It's a costume so it is fine

It might fall apart after a day
- This is pretty normal for most cosplay... Just stick it back together.

When it can't be sticked together any more
- Just remake it. You did it once already.

Now even though I know all that. Why am I so freaking worried about it, to the point of being scared to even touch it?!

I 'm the kind of person that would buy new shoes and then never wear them because they might break.

It's so dumb.
I know it's dumb. Why can't I stop thinking like this? ;__;
Look at my fail! XD
That freaking thing took the whole morning and it is as comfortable to wear as a rubber glove for cleaning the toilet...
On second thought...
It is a rubber glove (ಠ_ಠ)

Wearing this in summer will be a challenge. I feel bad for the people around me xD

Now I need to make a second one.

embedded_item1493460420989 by Twai

Now let's put this on top of my closet...

embedded_item1492790622678 by Twai
Turns out this magnets are stronger than expected (let's ignore the fact that the package said EXTRA STRONG)...

I need to store these somewhere save...
So did someone miss this dumb statue updates? XD
Today I took some break from sewing and went buying a lot small stuff I still needed for the cosplay like zipper and cheap shoes...
And this package magnets.

It amuses me somehow...

embedded_item1492784821869 by Twai
Soooo yesterday...
Yesterday I was close to rage quit the whole thing!
Remember I said "Faux leather is fun"
Scratch that!
Faux leather is an ass hole.

So I messed up everything, broke my sewing machine, raged a lot... Raged some more...

Then my mom convinced me to just buy different fabric (oh and yes, I fixed the machine)
So I gave it a last try with a "whatever mentally" and guess what?

Faux leather is an ass hole.

embedded_item1492676921087 by Twai
So I literally spend all day cutting fabric...
SO today is sewing, sewing, sewing!

Hope everything goes well haha
Working with faux leather is fun but it is somehow really easy to mess it up :P

embedded_item1492582486682 by Twai
That needed to be said.

OK...again from the start...
Cheap sewing setup, what you need:

▶ sewing machine
▶ a bathroom chair
▶ a go board
▶ a beetle figure in the background

OK, a normal table and chair would do as well...
Beetle figure is a must though!

embedded_item1492504001343 by Twai
Just to keep everyone updated on my current "inactivity"

I took a week of vacation so I can finally make some progress with my current cosplay!

Maybe I will post some progress photos if someone is interested in this xD
(however I am not a pro or anything)

Second reason, I messed up my hand so I can't draw right now (¬_¬)
Let's hope this fixes itself soon...

Allright then I need to get some shit done!
But first... Breakfast...

embedded_item1492498043987 by Twai
OK you guys probably don't care...
It's a super rare 6☆ Tajador!
And it is not only a 6☆ Tajador, it's my SECOND 6☆Tajador!

Now I have a lv 85 rebirthed, pimped up, 6☆ Tajador!!!
(ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

I hope you all have an awesome day!

embedded_item1492072598341 by Twai
I knew it would be a good idea to print this shit at the office... RIP 40 prices of paper ( ╥ω╥ )

Does anyone happen to know a good pattern for gloves???

embedded_item1491421413541 by Twai
*Random thoughts while at work*
I'm tempted to print my Ex-Aid pic on a cup and use it at the office...
Yeah I should do that...
So, I revived my empty tumblr!
Maybe I will use it as some kind of sketch dump... or it will simply stay empty \(°V°)/

you may check it out anyways ->
Look at my super cute bugling~
Just had to share this because of cuuuuuute!!! ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

embedded_item1489312218788 by Twai


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You have got to draw Skull one of these days. I’d like to see him in your style.
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Hi ... really good ... can I save your art
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I really like your art...also I followed you on Scratch as well..
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wow awesome stuff you have there!! 
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